Weather in Orange County California

Laguna Beach CAOrange County is a great place to visit! If you are an adrenaline-seeker who loves nothing more than a great theme park or adventure experience, then Orange County CA will not fail to please! Then again you may be the type of person who enjoys stunning coastline, beautiful beaches and leisurely strolls along beautiful sands, if this sounds like you, then you will truly be spoiled for choice.

Whatever tickles your fancy when on vacation, there is one factor that has a massive impact on how much you will really enjoy yourself. What are we talking about? The weather! Indeed the weather you get when on vacation can make the difference between having a trip to remember for all the right reasons, or all the wrong reasons.

If the weather does happen to be miserable when you are on vacation, there is no need for it to put a complete dampener on everything, you just may simply need to change your plans. So if you had in mind lazy days on the beach getting a tan, you may have to change things up a little and head to a theme park or an indoor attraction, depending on the forecast.

If you’re hoping to plan your vacation around the weather, then it can be helpful to have an idea of typical weather and climate during each month of the year. Sounding like a good idea? No problem, let us give you the county of Orange weather right now:

January and February

If you love days with perfect temperatures and cool nights, then January or February are the months to pick. These months generally have the highest rainfall and a cooler air temperature (highs of 70 and lows in the high 40s). If you are going during this time, plan on shorts during the day, long sleeves and pants in the evenings. If it rains – and this is a big IF – it won’t last long at all.


March tends to still see one of the higher months for rainfall, however the temperature begins to rise with lows being in the mid 50s and highs in low 70s. Shorts are still the uniform of the day and long pants and sleeves at night. Mornings along the coast tend to be overcast with the marine layer coming in from the ocean, usually clearing by mid-afternoon.

April and May

Rainfall decreases significantly during these months and of course it’s starting to get warmer with highs reaching the mid 70s. A great time to visit if you don’t like vacations that are too warm. Overcast mornings followed by bright afternoons will continue. Summer will start to peak its head as temps will spike occasionally into the 80’s.

June and July

Very little rainfall during these months can be expected, with temperatures reaching the mid 80s. “June-Gloom” sets in as the marine layer in the morning hangs on longer and humidity ticks up a notch. But, when we say humidity ticks up a notch, we are talking from next to nothing to just a little bit – nothing like you get in the Midwest or Southeast United States. From here until September or October, you can get heat waves up into the 90’s on the coast and into the 100’s inland. But, even with heat waves, temperatures at night still drop down to high 60’s/low 70’s.


Generally the hottest month of the year you can expect the gauge to read at the mid 80s to low 90’s and you will have little need of an umbrella (other than to shade yourself!) You can wear shorts all day and night into early October.

September and October

You’ll see a slightly higher chance of rainfall, especially during October. Temperatures are still very pleasant, in fact you can still expect around 80, but you can still get heat waves. Temps can hover in the high 70’s and 80’s during the day and at night, it cools off to a crisp high 50’s/low 60’s.

November and December

Things start to cool down during these months, with lows in the mid 40s and highs in the early 70s. Rainfall also increases, especially in December. You can still wear shorts during the day, but the mornings are crisp and it starts to cool off quickly at night.

Certainly, “The OC” benefits from a great climate. By knowing the typical weather that you can expect in each month, it can help you to plan a vacation that you will truly enjoy.