Things to Do in the City of Costa Mesa

City of Costa MesaWhen one thinks of California, you think of an American state with sunlight, smiling people and lots of exciting happenings all around. In some cases, the imagination can run away with us and reality is quite the opposite; however, in California, reality is almost always exactly as our imaginations depict. Orange County is one of the most affluent and exciting areas of California and in the OC is Costa Mesa.  This article will take you to Costa Mesa and provide you with information on the top five things to do while there.

1. The South Coast Plaza

The South Coast Plaza is one of the most exciting shopping centers in this suburban city. Presenting with over 250 retailers, this mall is noted as the largest of all shopping centers located on the Western Coast of the USA. A strong part of the youth pop culture, many high-fashion boutiques found within the South Coast Plaza have been featured on reality shows ‘The OC’ and ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’; as well as being a popular set in the cult young adult comedy, ‘Clueless’.

2. The Lab Anti-Mall

Commonly known as the Lab, the Lab Anti-Mall is Costa Mesa’s alternate response to the chic South Coast Plaza. Created for the typical “mall rat” with their shabby green hair and baggy shorts, the Lab was designed for the Generation X with stores of corrugated iron and philosophical assaults on social affairs. Described as a strip mall with attitude, this mall is one of the “must sees” on any shoppers list purely for the reason that it defies all convention and will make the Starbucks latte even more enjoyable when you finally find one.

3. TeWinkle Park

TeWinkle Park is one of Costa Mesa’s most exciting outdoor experiences for families and individuals seeking a few hours outside on a Sunday morning. Filled with long walks, lakes, and numerous playgrounds, this park is perfect if you are looking for something to do with children. Many events take place at TeWinkle allowing people to become involved in outdoor games and picnics, so be sure to have your sneakers on for a day of fun.

4. The Diego Sepulveda Adobe

The Diego Sepulveda Adobe, also known as the Costa Mesa Estancia, is a historical structure found in Costa Mesa as a tribute structure. It represents the adobe created in the early 1800s used to house herdsmen and horses traveling from the Mission San Juan, Capistrano to Alta, California; as well as acting as a lookout post when the French attacked in 1818. Rebuilt to recreate its original structure, this building is now the second oldest structure in the OC and is operated as a local history museum by the Costa Mesa Historical Society. A definite must for all history buffs and enthusiasts.

5. The Pacific Amphitheatre

Keeping to the motto of Costa Mesa being a city of arts, the Pacific Amphitheatre can be found at the Orange County Fair & Event Center. This venue is one of the most popular on the Western Coast and, since its opening in 1983, has hosted performances from legends Barry Manilow and Marvin Gaye.

Incorporated in 1953, Costa Mesa is a suburban town known as the City of The Arts.