History of Orange County California

San Clemente CA in Orange CountyThe OC is a spectacular place, one of the best in the country. It’s surfer territory, southern California at its best. It’s home to Newport Beach and the type of Cali lifestyle you’d expect, whether vacationing there or living there. High end homes, condos, restaurants, businesses and more are part of the landscape there. Do you know anything about the history of Orange County, California?

While the county of Orange is an area and not a city, the cities within Orange County are quite large as well. Within the county, there are more than three million people that call this place home. If you didn’t know this is where Disneyland is located, then that is definitely something you need to know about the history of Anaheim California in Orange County. It’s counterpart, Disney World, is of course located in Orlando, Florida.

While this county has mostly flourished throughout its history, you might be surprised to know that it had to declare bankruptcy in 1994. The recorded history of the OC, however, dates back to the 1700’s, with two Native American groups living in the area at the time and a Spanish led expedition. Ranches were set up in the early 1800’s, and one of the interesting facts about the history of Orange County is there was a big drought in the 1860’s.

The discovery of silver mines helped the county flourish soon after though. However, before the silver mines and the economic growth, Orange County didn’t exist. All the land was part of Los Angeles County at that time. Orange County came to be in the year 1889. Agriculture also continued to be a big part of the county’s economy.

Huntington Beach was later named as one of the cities in Orange County, and that happened after better transportation routes continued to develop. Wouldn’t you know that the celebrities living and working in LA made this paradise their vacation spot? Of course they did, and the county has not lost its luster to this day. It’s considered to be an oasis of sorts, again a prime location for vacation and for residency. As a matter of fact, for being a popular city in California, you might be surprised to know that many areas of the OC are also great places to start a family.

There is definitely no cheap standard of living in the OC though. Did you know that Richard Nixon, former President of the United States, was from Orange County? The population of Orange County has of course grown significantly over time, and now there is only one other county in California with more people than the OC. Can you guess what that county is?

Did you know John Wayne Airport is located in the OC? There are all kinds of other interesting facts about the county’s history. If you’ve never traveled there, you should explore the major cities there, museums, beache and more. Don’t forget to stop by Disneyland, which is arguably the area’s most famous attraction.