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The Law Offices of Robert V. Faust II  has been providing knowledgeable representation to family law clients involved in guardianship matters for over 38 years, and is engaged exclusively in the practice of family law.

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Guardianship cases can become highly contentious, especially since these cases involve a third party’s attempt to gain guardianship of a minor child in place and stead of the child’s parents. Guardianship cases are typically brought by grandparents or other close relatives of the children involved, and generally arise as the result of the parents providing unsafe living conditions, becoming involved in drug use, or being incarcerated.  

Attorney Robert Faust will work diligently to ensure that the court recognizes what is in the best interests of the child / children in guardianship cases. There are two different types of legal guardianship – full guardianship and temporary guardianship. The Family Law Court may issue an order for temporary guardianship while a full guardianship ruling is pending.

Due to the complexity of guardianship proceedings, it is crucial to retain a skilled and knowledgeable Guardianship Lawyer who understands this complex process and the procedures involved in either trying to obtain guardianship or fight a guardianship.

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If you have any questions or need help regarding guardianship or other family law matters, like divorce proceedings, spousal support, child support, visitation, mediation, or a post-judgment modification, please fill out New Client Case Evaluation Form. For immediate help, call the Law Offices of Robert V. Faust today at (949) 609-0499 to schedule a consultation.

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