Famous Residents of Costa Mesa CA

City of Costa Mesa CALocated approximately 37 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Costa Mesa is one of the most exciting and artistic cities in California. A notable figure in pop culture with the famous South Coast Plaza being one of its commercial centerpieces, this city has become a tourist attraction for individuals looking to enjoy the Mediterranean temperature while dining at high-end restaurants. As with all areas in the Orange County, Costa Mesa has an affluent suburban strip with celebrities filling the sidewalks. This article is a short guide to some of the most famous residents of this intriguing town.

1. Jay Bentley

Jay Dee Bentley is the bassist and co-founder of legendary punk-rock band Bad Religion. Despite being born in Kansas, Bentley was raised in California where he met musicians Brett Gurewitz and Greg Graffin while at high school. The bond between these three performers was strong and in 1979 Bad Religion was formed and is still recording. While Bentley left the band between 1983 and 1985, he continues to be one of the most influential punk rock bassists in history. He currently resides in Costa Mesa, California with his daughter and partner Natalia Fabia.

2. Mitchell Hurwitz

Mitchell Hurwitz, also known as Mitch Hurwitz, is a television writer, producer and actor born in Anaheim, California. He is most well known for his creation of the dark comedy television show ‘Arrested Development’; as well as his involvement in the creation and production of Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘The Ellen Show’. Despite having a profitable career in the performing arts, Hurwitz’ early interest was in religion where he graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in English and Theology in 1985. As time would tell, the theology aspect of his qualification would not be of too much relevance in later life; however, his English skills found him writing his way to winning five Primetime Emmy Awards for ‘Arrested Development’. Hurwitz married actress Mary Jo Keenan in 1999 and they reside in Costa Mesa with their two daughters.

3. Jesse Sapolu

Manase Jesse Sapolu, known more commonly as Jess Sapolu, is a former American football player in the National Football League (NFL). Born in Apia, Samoa, Sapolu was only introduced to the NFL much later in life after being selected by the Oakland Invaders and then the San Francisco 49ers. This professional player spent the majority of his career – 15 years – playing offensive at the San Francisco 49ers where he helped the team win four Super Bowl championships and two Pro Bowl Championships. While Sapolu continues to have an active role in the San Francisco 49ers, he officially retired from professional football in 1997. He now resides in Costa Mesa, California and acts as a line coach for the Edison High School Chargers in Huntington Beach.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are numerous celebrities who reside or have resided in Costa Mesa. The three above are only a few of many more, so be sure to keep your eyes open if you ever find yourself walking along the Costa Mesa sidewalks.