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Child Custody

Irvine Child CustodyMr. Faust assists individuals in child custody cases arising as a result of legal separation, separation of unmarried parties, dissolution of domestic partnership and divorce. All custody cases, including initial determination of Physical Custody & Legal Custody, and post judgment modifications of child custody. Irvine Family Law Attorney Bob Faust concentrates on the best interests of his clients and their children.

Child Visitation

Irvine Child VisitationFamily Law Lawyer Robert Faust represents parties in child visitation cases and encourages clients to actively participate in structuring a fair parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. When settlement is not possible, Mr. Faust will aggressively fight for you before the Court.

Child Support

Irvine Child SupportRepresentation in all child support matters, including the initial determination of child support, child support arrearage cases, DCSS arrearage defense, and child support modifications. California’s child support guidelines are extremely complicated, and an inexperienced attorney may fail to take into account factors that could make a significant difference in the final child support calculation. Attorney Robert Faust has been representing clients in child support cases for 35 years, and has an in-depth understanding of how child support judgments are issued.


Irvine Divorce AttorneyIrvine Divorce Attorney Bob Faust provides skilled legal representation to his clients in all divorce and divorce-related matters including complex property division, and handles both contested and uncontested divorce actions. If attempts to settle your case are unsuccessful, Mr. Faust has the skill you want if divorce litigation becomes inevitable. Lawyer Robert V. Faust II has 38 years of trial experience.

Divorce Mediation

Irvine Divorce MediationIf you and your spouse are divorcing or are involved in a family law dispute and you want to avoid the emotional and financial toll that litigation takes, contact Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Faust. An experienced Divorce Mediation Lawyer, Mr. Faust works aggressively to help parties reach mutually beneficial settlement agreements. Call 949-609-0499 to obtain information about our Divorce Mediation services.


Irvine GuardianshipWhether you are trying to fight or obtain guardianship of a minor child, contact Irvine Family Law Lawyer Robert Faust. Guardianship cases are typically highly charged, as they generally involve allegations of child neglect, abuse, parental incarceration, substance addiction, or unsafe living conditions. Dedicated solely to the practice of family law, Mr. Faust understands that each case is different, and is particularly sensitive to the unique challenges that these cases present.


Modification of Custody

Irvine Modification of CustodyAttorney Robert Faust represents parties in all post-judgment modification proceedings, including child support modification, modification of child custody and visitation, and spousal support modification. In order to obtain a modification, the moving party must demonstrate a change in circumstances. If you believe that any portion of your judgment should be modified, make an appointment with an experienced family law lawyer today.

Spousal Support

Irvine Spousal SupportSpousal support differs from child support in that it is discretionary – that is, the Family Law Court is not mandated to award spousal support (alimony). While not mandatory, California’s Family Law Codes set forth specific factors that should be taken into account when making an alimony ruling. Mr. Faust has extensive experience litigating spousal support issues, and understands how judges approach this issue. 


Irvine Family Law Attorney Robert V. Faust II

The Law Offices of Robert V. Faust II and Attorney Robert Faust represent clients in a broad range of Divorce and Family Law related cases. In practice since 1978, Mr. Faust is dedicated solely to the representation of Family Law Clients.

Robert Faust is a highly skilled divorce mediator attorney and litigator who possesses the skills required to take your case all the way through trial when settlement is not a realistic option. With over 38 years of experience, Mr. Faust and his staff are the kind of experts you need when dealing with difficult family matters.

Mr. Faust uses his wisdom, compassion and empathy to connect with all parties involved in a case, always focusing on what the best outcome for all people involved. Tough, but fair – Mr. Faust will be there for you and fight for what is right for you and your family.

An experienced divorce lawyer, Robert Faust has successfully represented the interests of thousands of clients throughout the course of his 38-year career and strives to help his clients resolve their family law disputes with as little animosity between the parties as possible.

Mr. Faust has been in practice since 1978 and enjoys an outstanding reputation within the Orange County legal community. He is the recipient of the highest “AV” peer rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and his colleagues have named him a “Preeminent Lawyer.” The Law Offices of Robert V. Faust II is centrally located here in Orange County, in the city of Irvine.

If you, a friend or family member needs any guidance or advice regarding any family law or divorce matters, Mr. Faust is available on a limited basis to offer advice or guidance, even if you are not a client yet.

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